Cuppa Quest

Cuppa Quest is a proof-of-concept cooperative local multiplayer adventure game for 2-3 players.

These brave adventurers must combine their unique perceptive senses (sight, hearing and touch, respectively) and quest for the components of a most worthy goal: no less than the brewing of the Elixir of Life itself – a cup of tea.

Cuppa Quest uses two iPads (or iPhones) and a pair of headphones for play–one screen for viewing the game board, one screen for controlling/interacting with objects and characters in the game, and the headphones for listening for invisible perils or characters.

Each player has only a fraction of the information. Teamwork and communication will let you unfold the story and complete your quest.




Cuppa Quest was created over a 48-hour weekend for the 2014 Global Game Jam by a group of American and British artists, writers and game-lovers based in Portland, Oregon. We love games that ask you to communicate and have fun with friends in the same physical space, epic adventures and tea.

Team Aet is:
Jey Biddulph
Robert Linnemann
Mink ette
David Aldhouse
Laura E. Hall


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